The patient game

Much has happened since 1st January 2005. In six and a half years, I have run more than 11000 miles including racing 10 events at marathon distance or beyond. In fact every single one of my personal bests (pbs) has been achieved in that time, except for my 10k. Until today. So why do I feel somewhat deflated? After all, today’s effort was more than a minute quicker than any other 10k I have run in the last 5 years.

To explain, my training has been going pretty well recently. I have been injury free since March, and have been improving since. Until last weekend, I had no idea of my current race pace – when I ran a quick (but difficult) 5k in 17 minutes 26 seconds. In my head, with an easier week’s training, on an easier course, I suspected that a time in the low 36 minutes was achievable. 3:39mins/km would give me 36:30, so I planned to use that as a benchmark and take it from there.

Here are my km splits:

  1. 3:27:14
  2. 3:34:28
  3. 3:37:79
  4. 3:35:49
  5. 7:27:72
  6. 3:42:88
  7. 7:42:42
  8. 3:47:65

Total: 36:55:37

I felt comfortable going through the first few km, but suffered in the (predominantly uphill) second half. Don’t get me wrong; I am delighted to have pb’d. I just hoped that I might have run even quicker.

So (and for anyone reading this), what positives can I take from this?

I now have evidence that I am possibly fitter than I have ever been (with only two more pbs dating back before March 2005). I am training well and I feel like there is scope for me to run faster. The signs are positive.

But, the biggest positive of all is that it helps fuel my motivation over the next few months. I just need to make sure I stay injury free… and hopefully I won’t have to wait another 6.5 years/11000 miles for any more of my pbs.

Now, why did I leave my cupboards to empty of Haribo; two bars of Green & Blacks and 4 cups of sugary tea doesn’t quite do the job.

Roll on Fenland 10m.

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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