Week ending 18th September

46.1 mpw, 7:27 min/mile

With the return to school two weeks ago, I have tried to establish a routine in training. I covered 56.8 miles in the first week, incorporating two rest days, and included a 17+ mile run the day before my quickest ‘double riverbank’.

Worried that these good training runs were too near to the Round Norfolk Relay, the subsequent midweek runs were easy, while the race itself was a tough 20+ miles in 2hrs 12mins – by far and away my best RNR performance. Furthermore, I counted ten runners that I passed, without being overtaken once.

This was the sixth time I have raced 20 miles or more in the last six months and my annual race mileage now exceeds 200 – more than any other year to date [both statistics don’t include the runs between Paris and London].

Now, it’s time to recover, find that routine once again and get ready for the winter. Fenland 10m, maybe?