More views on strike action

Following my recent post in order to gather opinions on the strike on November 30th, it is clear that opinion is divided. There are still a few days to go, but there are people who work in both the private, and the public, sectors who both support and oppose the strikes.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, most private sector workers oppose the strikes, while most public sector workers support the action. I do think that there is a lack of understanding – private sector workers do not seem to fully appreciate the degree of the cuts the government are proposing, while public sector workers feel victimised.

Clearly, both the government and the unions have some work to do, if not just to get the population at large to understand the facts.

Update 10th December 2011:
Views on strike action

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Views on strike action

Please could you spend a moment completing this brief questionnaire.
My reasons for asking can be found at the end of this post.

There are many differing views about the proposed strike next week by public sector workers.Typically polls have received a turnout of between 30% to 50% – with up to 80% of those voting supporting strike action.

I am interested to know what support there is overall, including from those who are not even able to vote, and will publish the results shortly. Those of you who I have discussed this with in person probably expected something along these lines at some point.

Update 30th November 2011:
My opinion on recent comments can be seen here.

Update 10th December 2011:
Results have been added here.

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