Zero point

Today, I completed my 2013 marathon race entry.

At the end of the process, I was offered the chance to purchase the product indicated, below [take a moment to read as much, or as little, of the detail as you would like].
I understand why people who run may be interested in using products which are marketed as burning fat. I also understand why people who run may be interested using products with a small number of calories (i.e. zero).

However, during marathon running, the body burns the fat in order to fuel itself. This, in turn, is topped up by any calories it can find. Therefore, taking a product which “burns more fat during exercise” and has “zero calorie intake” would reduce the fat available to the body and give it no energy.

It is arguable that this product could be of use during training – in order to help the body acclimatise, but I would suggest there are better methods of doing this.

This product does appear to also provide a source of magnesium. Endurance athletes can suffer from a lack of magnesium which is lost through sweating (or otherwise), but is widely available in green veg and whole grains among other foods. Furthermore consuming too much magnesium can also have negative effects*.

So, can anyone suggest any reason why a marathon runner ought to consider this product?

*we all know what happens if we eat too much green veg/whole grains… (and if you don’t, I am sure you can look it up on google)

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