Having gone for a run along the beach on Christmas morning, I returned to a different beach on New Year’s Eve. The 40 ft sperm whale, pictured, had been drawing a crowd since Christmas Eve, but I was more interested by the clouds which parted momentarily to reveal the final sunset of the year.

NFK_3114 NFK_1885

And, being that time of year, I think Woodie Guthrie had the right idea with his resolutions.

Happy New Year

Can you guess what it is yet?

Just a bit of fun for the end of the year.

See if you can work out what the image above represents. Use the form, below, to submit your response, making sure to describe as much detail as possible. There will be a prize (probably chocolate) for the first accurate answer and, depending on the responses, a prize for the funniest. Results will be announced after 2011.

Update, 1st January 2012:

Here is the solution.