Winter has arrived

Last night’s training session ended with a noticeable tightening of my hamstring in the final strides. It had been particularly cold, but I had gone running in shorts once again (and had even considering wearing a t-shirt) in close to freezing temperatures, with a bitterly cold wind-chill.

The pain had played on mind throughout the night and today, and the thinking exacerbated that pain, but I decided to go for a run regardless. However, I wrapped up warm this time – in case I had to stop and walk home. Short tights were underneath long tights. A t-shirt was underneath a long sleeve top which, in turn, was underneath a windproof jacket. And I wore a hat, snood and gloves for good measure.

I ended up feeling too warm but, significantly, there was less pain in my hamstring. On occasion, I even strided out, with much success. Fingers crossed, there are no further repercussions, but yesterday’s winter lesson has been learned (for now, at least) – keep warm.

School’s out

Things have been quiet over the last few weeks as the school holidays have taken over. Since the Swiss Alpine Ultra, I’ve had a few weeks of ‘easy’ running in Dorset, investigating different routes along the South Coast. Some of the scenery was wonderful, as the picture from Hengistbury Head shows. Meanwhile, the second image (view with caution) shows the effect that the return to Norfolk has had – although this is obviously not a patch on the emu (ref: Springtime in Paris), although I might want to reconsider any thoughts of ’de Sables.

In other news, the Round Norfolk Relay is fast approaching, followed by a relatively quiet year-end in the run up to a spring (London) marathon.

Warning: you may not want to see the second photo (of a slightly bloody toe)

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