How far is too far?


Today I entered the Fairlands Valley Challenge. This makes my race mileage for July alone extortionately high – as if it were not high enough already. In fact, I will race further in two July races than I will have raced in all other races this year added together. See if you can use the pie chart to work out how far.

Note: maths knowledge alone is not sufficient to answer this one, hence it’s filed under ‘training’

Week ending 19th June

37.5 mpw, 6:40 min/mile*

I still felt like my body was trying to overcome a cold, as my legs seemed heavy. And, as such, the 5 mile run of the Hancock Half Hour Handicap felt particularly difficult – although I did manage to sneak under 30 mins.

Saturday was then a run/walk of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge – covering close to 25 miles of hilly, often muddy, terrain. It was particularly hard work, and explains the aching throughout my legs in the following days. On the plus side, it should be great training for Switzerland, although I didn’t feel like I could continue for another 5 miles, let alone another 25.

*pace does not include the Three Peaks run

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