A parting gesture

I thought today’s quote of the day would be from the boy who, when asked what he was doing on the floor, responded with “he tried to suck me under the desk”, but this was superseded at the Year 11 Parents’ Evening.

I was coughing and, without a drink in sight, at times was struggling to maintain a conversation. Consequently, after one particular cough-interrupted discussion, the parent (whom I am unlikely to ever see again) left saying “I’ll leave you to die”. I wasn’t exactly expecting them to find me a glass of water, but I can think of nicer parting gestures.

On the subject of comments being made at Parents’ Evening, I had to think carefully how to respond to the student who said “shut up” to his mother as the three of us were having a conversation. Realising that the parent wasn’t perturbed, I suggested that it wasn’t an appropriate way to talk and left it that. I learnt a lot in those few seconds.

Every so often, I hear some truly amazing quotes and I have been intending to create a log of these for a while (as I often struggle to remember them). I’m not sure if this blog is the place to do it, so I’ll use the category “Quote of the day” along with the tag “Qotd” for the time being, and see how it develops.