Trapped within a closed loop

Technical issues at work today meant that anyone trying to access education sites was confronted with a message stating “The page has been blocked because the content has been deemed unsuitable by the administrator” under the category of “Education and Reference”.

I work in a school; how can a website categorised as ‘Education and Reference’ possibly be unsuitable?

These same technical issues meant that the internet was down for all schools across the County.

Subsequently, when network managers telephoned through to the central server, after navigating a series of computer generated questions, they were left with an automated message advising them to log onto the website and follow a series of instructions.

I can just picture the flowchart…

Value of life

Today’s xkcd, titled ‘Money’, is an infographic detailing where (almost) all money is located and allows for many different entities to be compared.

In the few moments that I spent scanning the vast array of information, I was most intrigued to learn that the US Environmental Protection Agency values a single human life at $8.4 million (source: EPA).

The original post is here, while here is a more legible version which you can pan around and zoom in and out of. A copy is also visible below. The amount of information within the image is vast and I warn you that it will take a lot of time to even begin to interpret.

A full list of references is available here.

Daily horoscope

Jupiter appearing to the right of the full moon, coinciding with two consecutive binary dates and my running more than 40 miles in a week for the first time in a month must signify something really important.

It’s just a shame that I forgot to read my horoscope this morning; now I’ll never know.

I need a lunatic.

Ball and biscuit

From the bakery
Cakes from the bakery

Alongside my maths classes, I currently teach a Yr 11 GCSE business class. They are currently in the middle of a controlled assessment (formerly known as coursework) task, which involves advising the local bakery how to appeal more to the teenage market.

Today’s lesson involved researching the product range from the bakery and its competitors. Maybe we need to do some more market research in the future.

A new home

ttsjl’s Posterous has now moved to WordPress.

All blogs and files that were originally hosted on Posterous have been packed up, shipped and filed in a new home here at WordPress.

Although Posterous had some useful features like straightforward uploading and easy reposting of media, WordPress appears to have more versatility and looks more like a standalone website. Consequently, it is hoped that additional features will appear on these pages in the future.

I hope you like it.

It is possible that some formatting of the original blogs may have been lost in the transition, but they can still be viewed in their original format at

Strike two…

… to the press (again).

I have very strong views on strike action, and reasons for and against striking. I won’t state here which way I will be balloting, or what action I shall be taking should a strike go ahead, other than to say that I will not take any action which jeopardises my future.

Today’s news (examples here and here) regarding public sector pensions is keen to indicate that the Government have put a very enticing offer on the table. This focuses on the fact that the annual take home pension will be more than under the initial deal – which, on the face of it, is a good thing.

However, one has to search very hard to establish what happens to the level of employee and employer contributions. Likewise, to discover the duration for which these contributions are paid, at what age the pension can be redeemed, and what factors the final amount will be based upon.

My point is that there is much information that is hidden, so the deal on the table may not be as good as it seems at first glance; there is often more than one side to any story.


The views expressed here are my own and do not reflect any of the organisations that I belong to.

Sometimes 140 characters just is not enough

I’ve too much rant [read: ‘surplus energy’, or ‘time’, if you prefer] tonight, so I’ll use this space instead. And following HM’s “I don’t think anyone ever really knows what you’re thinking”, this may help me to keep any crypticism [what is the correct noun here?] to a minimum.

Thanks to the chump who made me smile when I read their answer to question 2 (“show that the difference between three cubed and three squared is eighteen”), see below:


I never thought Westlife and Col. Gaddafi would meet in the same sentence, but both leave us within the space of the last 24 hours. Maybe now is the time to put any requests in: Take That (again); all the other mad dictators; marking; my status updates… to name a few.

Well, seeing as tomorrow is the (joint equal) fourth best day of the year, I will leave you with some information as to what Police Academy actors do in their retirement [how these relate to each other, I don’t know, but enjoy].

Today marks three days on the bounce of no training. AS’s article explains why this is a good thing, but it means I will have to wait to wear any new winter gear.

Today also marks ninety two years (and the Captain’s still thinking of you).

There is probably only one person who understands all of these references so, unsurprisingly, HM appears to be correct. Good luck deciphering and let me know if you discover what this all means.

Update, slightly later on 20th October 2011: I since have more rant, but this is more than enough for the time being.

Too hot


Working should be illegal on days like this.
The geek in me notices the repeating digits between the temperature and the fuel economy. And then I begin to worry that people think I have edited the image. I haven’t. Honest.
For information, the maximum temperature I observed was half a degree higher.

Grateful when you’re dead*

It was reported in today’s news that the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association (WOCA) Chairman, Christopher Shale, was found dead in a portaloo at the Glastonbury festival. This is tremendously sad and my thoughts are with those who were close to him.

After digging a little deeper, it appears that this news follows the publication of an article that portrays him as being critical of the Conservative association. The headline in today’s Mail on Sunday (seen here) reads “There’s no reason to join the Tories. We’ve come over as voracious, crass, always on the take”.

David Cameron is later quoted as saying “A big rock in my life has suddenly been rolled away” but, according to the article, he will be in the significant minority who care.

“[Christopher Shale] claims that the country can be divided into two groups, ‘politics heavy’ people and ‘politics light’ ones who aren’t interested in the subject except at General Elections. He calculates that 98 per cent of the population is ‘politics light’ and that ‘politics heavy is a big turn-off for politics light people.”

Unfortunately for him, if his calculations are correct, there are not many who are going to miss him.

*you need to see this performed live