A new home

Originally posted 2nd November 2012

It has been a while since I last blogged, but not been without reason; earlier this year, I started teaching myself how to design websites (having previously dabbled with html).

Writing prose was replaced with writing code and this website (www.simon-levy.co.uk) is the latest stage of that. This also means the blog has moved from its former web address.

The site has been written from scratch. By me. In notepad*. Everything contained within it is my own, and is currently a ‘work in progress’. There are some aspects that I like and others that I don’t like. I have uploaded some bits to establish if I like them, and others to demonstrate that I don’t like them. Have a look around and let me know what you think**. Test things to see if they work, or try to ‘break’ them and demonstrate that they don’t.

Some features include:

  • Contact form (hopefully with spam filters)
  • Customised error pages (e.g. for going to a wrong page)
  • Different experience based on the device or screen/window size you are using (e.g. mobile/tablet)
  • Race time predictor and mile split calculator (particularly for runners)
  • Galleries (with scrolling and navigation features)
  • Blog integration (although I hope to improve this so that the styling closer fits that of the remainder of the site)

The site currently utilises css, html, javascript, jQuery and php (although I have also been learning python). It needs to be tested on a wider range of browsers and requires javascript support to be fully functional (but should still work in a limited fashion without).

At present, the site doesn’t ‘do anything’ in particular. This may change as it develops. I hope you like it.

*Everything except for the WordPress installation of the new blog pages
**It would be appreciated if you can let me know if you like what you see and/or how you think it could be improved

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