Kick racism out

There has been much recent discussion surrounding racism and football. Two high profile cases have involved conflicts between Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra (see here) and John Terry/Anton Ferdinand (see here).

In the first case, the Football Association (FA) handed out an 8 match suspension – one of the more extreme punishments in recent times.

In the second, a complaint was made to the police – and it goes to a court of law later in about six months’ time.

The second has additional knock on effects, as JT has been the most recent England captain. Not wanting to be seen to endorse racism, the FA has stripped him of captaincy until the outcome of the trial is known – going against the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ stance of UK law, but in line with suspensions in many other professions while investigations are carried out. This overrules, and subsequently undermines, Fabio Capello (the England manager), who has consequently resigned.

FC was due to leave in six months’ time (shortly before JT’s court hearing) regardless, so this doesn’t come as a huge difficulty, or surprise. However, much has been made of FC being Italian and him never truly overcoming language and cultural barriers. In the aftermath of his resignation, there has also been much support for the next manager to be English.

My only comment on the matter is to suggest the FA need to be very careful that they are not being racist themselves – institutionally or otherwise.

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