Velvet snow

NFK_8106Weather forecasters cannot accurately predict the weather as far away as three months so, on the assumption that this cold spell will pass, it must be assumed that the London marathon (in April) will go ahead as planned. Now this presents me with a choice: to train in the snow, or to not train in the snow.

  • Training in the snow is hard work, and is not particularly conducive to good running form. However, it provides good resistance training, and the cold weather can be a good source of psychological training.
  • Not training in the snow is unlikely to have major implications for the marathon itself (unless the snow remains for a few weeks). It is also ‘easier’ and warmer.

However, the biggest factor in making up my mind is that this opportunity does not come around very often and it can be heaps of fun. So off I went with my camera…

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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