2011 annual report

These images represent my year of running in 2011.

Distance Speed


Following last year’s graphical analysis (here) of my running in 2010, I have done the same this year for a comparison. Please refer to that post to read how the two main charts were generated. The third is an amalgamation of the two using Photoshop.

A couple of points that are not obvious from the graphics:

  • I recorded 19 days ill or injured (days when I ran a couple of miles to test my fitness weren’t logged as ill or injured)
  • Except for one day, I trained no more than once a day, so each run averaged just over 10 miles at an average marginally quicker than 8 minutes per mile
  • 2514 miles marks my biggest ever annual mileage, 700 more than last year

Making reference to the third image, there is significantly more green from January to July and more red from August to December. This indicates a clear shift in focus from long distances (green) to increasing speeds (red) as the year has progressed.

After a difficult end to 2010 and start to 2011, I am happy with the year as a whole. I have included some of my best achievements below:

  • Running from Paris to London in 8 days in April
  • Swiss Alpine Ultra in July
  • 8 Personal Bests (PBs), including breaking a 7 year old 10k PB

With that in mind, I am looking forward to 2012 with much optimism, so here are a few things I would like to focus on:

  • More targeted training
  • Try to maintain three effort sessions each week, with designated recovery days
  • Increase speed, but not necessarily my mileage in training

Here goes…

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I'm short and need to put on some weight

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