Fish out of water

The final day of the winter term consists of a trip to the village church for carols and a pause for religious thought, before a whole school assembly and the subsequent end of term. Staff are encouraged to position themselves strategically among their tutor group to ensure the service proceeds as smoothly as possible*.

There are a small handful of students in my tutor group who could pose problems in such circumstances. Last year, my tutor group were in Year 7, so the biggest threats were at my side. This year, 80% of those potential threats were absent from school. At this stage of a term, I question the motives of such absences. It is therefore a pity that one of the absentees will not receive the voucher they had won (and arguably earned) because they were absent today; one requirement of claiming the prize is being present on the day it is given to claim it.

But isn’t Christmas and New Year an opportunity for forgiveness and new beginnings, or something like that anyway. Either way, have a good one.

*Generally in this situation, I almost feel hypocritical – by demonstrating how to behave in an environment where I feel quite uncomfortable myself. Fortunately, there were no issues.

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