Where next

Having recently ordered a few items online, they are currently in the process of being delivered. So when I didn’t arrive home from work until late yesterday evening, I was not overly surprised to discover a delivery receipt claiming my parcel had been left in my ‘safe location’ which, for the record, had not previously been specified as a ‘safe location’.

When I returned home from work today at a more sociable hour, I was not as much surprised by the fact that there was another delivery receipt from the same courier, as by the location in which they left today’s delivery… in the bin.

Thanks. Well, at least they reduce the chances of theft by introducing a random element to their delivery locations.

Author: ttsjl

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2 thoughts on “Where next”

  1. Over the past few years we’ve also had stuff left in random places, including inside the shed (locked!) and in the box of empties ready to go to the bottle bank.
    On the plus side, it saves having to drag along to the distribution centre to pick things up, or do what other people apparently do which is take days off work in case a delivery has to be signed for……
    I guess the alternaitve is — heaven forbid – to actually go to shops!

  2. We had one from same courier delivery service today – said they left it “over gate”. Well with today’s windy weather I found the packet on the other side of the garden. Fortunately nothing breakable inside. We too have never mentioned (to this courier company at least) our “safe location”. Heard from PO that stuff not allowed to be left in wheelie bins – health & safety? I agree with the convenience of not going to depot’s (defeats point of delivery) – I use mum/dad whilst I can and get stuff sent to their gaff !

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