Keeping me on my toes

Today’s lesson on real-life graphs was based partly around Dan Meyer’s Graphing Stories (see here for the original). It was an introductory lesson for a set 2 class (out of 5) who I will only see 3 (yes, three) times as part of a rotation. I had already used it successfully in a similar manner with sets 3 and 4, so it formed a basis to quickly assess current understanding.

I was pleased with how the lesson transpired but, what stood out most was the repeated comment from one student: “that man must have been paid loads of money to make that video”.

First off, congratulations Dan – that student believes there’s an acting career waiting if all else were to fail. But second, this also demonstrates that these students are pretty sharp – I’m gonna have to keep on my toes for the remaining two lessons; I’m thinking something along the lines of an nrich task (see here or here).

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