Marathon training schedule 2011/12

A year ago, I generated a marathon training plan based on the Ryston Runners training sessions; the blog entry and the training plan can be viewed by clicking the respective links, but a number of difficulties meant that this was not stuck to. I received some very bad news within 24 hours of uploading, which would subsequently change the focus of my running for the following nine months.

This year, I have adapted the training plan to suit my current level of fitness. It can be viewed as a Google document online, or downloaded as an Excel file* (or use the link on the right hand side on the ‘training’ page). I would suggest that it is not a beginner’s schedule and, for information, am hoping to use it as a basis to help me go under 3 hours, so you may wish to use that as a guide.

The key points for this year are to stick to 5 runs a week, with a possibility of increasing to 6 in the final weeks before tapering. I also want to concentrate my efforts on 3 of those weekly runs – which I have referred to as long intervals, short intervals and a long run. I have been following a similar format for the last few weeks, with some success, meaning that I should continue in much the same way as I am at present for the duration, other than increasing the distance of the long run.

I am hoping that this will reduce my mileage from about 80 miles per week (in previous years) to 60, while increasing the intensity of any effort.

As I suggested last year, feel free to use it, abuse it, adapt it, question it, criticise it, advise me how it could be better or simply ignore it. Either way, I take no responsibility for anyone’s failure to perform other than my own.

Have fun and I wish you good luck.


*The Excel file is hosted by dropbox, so will (almost) immediately reflect any changes I make offline.

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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