My next trick

I’ve been listening to the Marathon Talk ( podcasts on my way to and from work recently. I find them much more entertaining and inspirational than the offerings from radio stations at that time of day, as well as being a small way of my saying “thank-you”*. The fact that my parents have recently moved close to where one of the team trains also makes it seem much more real and closer to home. However, I am already at risk of digressing from the point I intended to make.

I am often looking for my next challenge, whether it is faster, higher, hillier, longer or just more difficult than I have done before. But, in recent months, I have enjoyed a sense of freedom from having nothing of note on the horizon, other than a London Marathon (with my Brother and Sister), which only falls under the ‘faster’ category of challenge. This relative lack of such a challenge has created a void.

Furthermore, this week is half term which, among other things, serves to provide (too) much time for thinking. Coupled with being ill** and a consequent lack of running, my brain has gone into overdrive.

One way I overcome that is by re-evaluating how I am spending my time. I have been considering my position at the running club, and how much I wish to become involved in the committee, or otherwise, but I don’t wish to discuss this at present (other than to thank the Emu for a random act of kindness). So, this is where Marathon Talk comes in…

For those who are unfamiliar with the podcast, each week somebody related to marathon running in one way or another is interviewed. It may be an elite athlete, a coach, an organiser or somebody else. The problem is that each and every interviewee has a story to tell, usually accompanied by a message of inspiration – like James Adams who has just completed a run from Los Angeles to New York (see his blog here – and this in particular is well worth a read). Seriously. In fact, I challenge you to listen to his interview (here), not be moved by what he says, and not want to experience just a tiny fraction of what he describes (singing Japanese Beatle aside).

Again, I seem to be digressing, but the point I am gradually drifting towards is that I am now thinking about my next challenge. Yes, I said it. I am now looking for another challenge. I don’t yet know if I want it to be longer than the Swiss Alpine Ultra (79.1km), or longer than Paris to London (218.3m in 8 days), but I think I want it to be a ‘longer’ challenge.

Wearing my sensible hat, I suspect that I shouldn’t do it. But life would be boring if it were easy. So I have put it out into the public domain and ask you, the reader, to let me have your suggestions. I blame James Adams (whom I would also like to thank).


*For two Paris to London interviews.

** I’ve not taken a single day off work due to sickness for more than five years, yet I continue to get ill during the holidays. Go figure.

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