Sometimes 140 characters just is not enough

I’ve too much rant [read: ‘surplus energy’, or ‘time’, if you prefer] tonight, so I’ll use this space instead. And following HM’s “I don’t think anyone ever really knows what you’re thinking”, this may help me to keep any crypticism [what is the correct noun here?] to a minimum.

Thanks to the chump who made me smile when I read their answer to question 2 (“show that the difference between three cubed and three squared is eighteen”), see below:


I never thought Westlife and Col. Gaddafi would meet in the same sentence, but both leave us within the space of the last 24 hours. Maybe now is the time to put any requests in: Take That (again); all the other mad dictators; marking; my status updates… to name a few.

Well, seeing as tomorrow is the (joint equal) fourth best day of the year, I will leave you with some information as to what Police Academy actors do in their retirement [how these relate to each other, I don’t know, but enjoy].

Today marks three days on the bounce of no training. AS’s article explains why this is a good thing, but it means I will have to wait to wear any new winter gear.

Today also marks ninety two years (and the Captain’s still thinking of you).

There is probably only one person who understands all of these references so, unsurprisingly, HM appears to be correct. Good luck deciphering and let me know if you discover what this all means.

Update, slightly later on 20th October 2011: I since have more rant, but this is more than enough for the time being.

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I'm short and need to put on some weight

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