Week ending 15th May

31 mpw, 7:31 min/mile

The week started well but, by Wednesday, I was feeling tired and lethargic. I was suffering a cold, which I strongly suspected was a result of overtraining. I was always going to rest Wednesday and Thursday because of work commitments, but my legs were not feeling any less tired. As I had entered the Dereham 10m on Sunday, I reluctantly ran an easy hour on Friday and subsequently rested on Saturday.

When I say rested, what I mean is I went to a friend’s birthday party, took part in a rather physical game of rounders (darting and diving all over the place) and had a typical birthday bbq. Anyway I woke up Sunday morning feeling stiff in all sorts of places thoroughly questioning my decision to run.

Given all of that, I ran the Dereham 10m in 61min 26secs.

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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