Paris to London training


As things became rather hectic in the lead up to the Paris to London run, this image never made it onto this blog.

For those who are not familiar with the details, on 10th April 2011, I ran the Paris Marathon. On 17th April, I ran the London Marathon. In the six days in between, I ran from Paris to London.

The infographic was created using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop and shows my training diary from the previous four months.

The transition from November to December marked the end of what had been a difficult time for me, at which point I was struggling to run 5 miles per week. A fortnight later, I first thought about this challenge and, by the time another two weeks had passed, I was running more than 65 miles per week. Three more weeks passed before my place in the Paris Marathon was confirmed, and my mileage was exceeding 80 each week. Injury took hold at the end of January which, in hindsight, was unsurprising. After the panic that ensued, and a short layoff, the training was soon back on track, albeit with longer periods of rest.

Some statistics include:

    * Running 850 miles for more than 115 hours in total (averaging close to 8 mins per mile)

    * A peak mileage of 97 per week – this is my highest ever

    * Averaging more than 7 miles per day

To help my cause, it is still possible to donate at

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