Love and Hate

As a young child, I was brought up on porridge for breakfast. Particularly throughout the winter months. My Grandmother had a recipe that has remained with me as I have grown older, but everyone who has encountered the it cannot understand why I like it so much. As I have become a marathon runner, it has also become my staple pre-run breakfast. It is quick to cook and has enough in it to keep me going for hours. Yet, I struggle to find people outside of the family who appreciate it.

That is until Nigella (Lawson) recently referred to an Anna del Conté recipe for spaghetti and marmite. These links may not work for long, but or show the program and recipe respectively.

And here is the original ‘Armi’ Semel recipe:

Half a cup of porridge

A cup and a half of water (more or less according to preference of thickness)

Marmite to taste (I suggest a tablespoon)

Place all contents in a saucepan on a high temperature for about five minutes. Serve in a bowl. Eat with a spoon. Straight away. Go for a run.

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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