An end of an era


Strangely, I don’t have a feeling of elation that the end of the academic year is here. Today marks the last day of my current role at Downham Market High School. And when I return to work, it will be in a new position. There have been many ups and downs along the way, and I felt sadder today than I thought I would. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me, and I wish you all the best in the future. You will all be missed.

So onwards and upwards with fresh challenges and I hope that my new job is equally as enjoyable and rewarding.

Now, time to rest up and bring on the summer holidays…

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

2 thoughts on “An end of an era”

  1. Nicely said Simon. We both like your comments and understand your feelings. Have a good holiday and see you next week

  2. Hey Si – great Card and love your blog – keep em coming and let us know what the new role is… Still at the Ham Market right?

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