Thank you for listening

It’s been a while. Six weeks is longer than I expected to leave between ramblings. It’s not conducive to establishing a readership; I cannot even blame it on a lack of time, or material. I believe authors call it ‘writer’s block’, although I wouldn’t consider myself enough of a writer to call it a ‘block’ as such – more a lack of effort and commitment to the cause.

I still struggle with the concept of this blog. I am not yet sure why I write it. Yet I continue under the impression that time and experience will tell me why I started. Leaving it in its current state will achieve nothing; so unfortunately, in the words of Morrissey, I have started something I could not finish. Ever, perhaps?

I have often questioned the divide between reality and the internet. I am comfortable with reality – it is what I know, what I am used to and what really exists. And I am comfortable interacting with things that I know on the internet. I interact with real life friends on the internet. I buy goods from reputable firms on the internet. I read news and information from known sources on the internet. The internet provides an excellent resource and source of communication.

The internet, on the other hand, can be misleading. Who really wrote that email that I have just received? Who will really be delivering my goods (and where and when)? Whose opinion am I really reading? The internet is full of ‘bad’ information and it concerns me; it is very easy to hide and to deceive on the web.

This brings me back to this blog. Who really reads it? Why would anyone want to read it? Why would anyone care about what I write, let alone trust it? I certainly enjoy expressing my views, but does anyone really care? I’m not sure of these answers. Until a recent social event.

I was talking to someone I know (from the real life world) who has been reading this blog. They even commented on the absence of recent articles. It made me realise that maybe people are interested – a concept that the internet is starting to help me understand. So, if nothing else, if all other energy is wasted, this one is for you.

Thanks for listening. Note to self (for the internet world to see): I must try to write more regularly in future.

Author: ttsjl

I'm short and need to put on some weight

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